Fastest, Easiest, and Safest way to fund your business.

Providing hassle-free funding, and a quick approval to every eligible business’s financial needs.

Cavalli Capital is dedicated to serving ISOs.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers. We use cutting-edge technology as well as full support and excellent customer service to help you achieve higher revenues and close more deals.

Fast Approval Process

Our expert team of Underwriters and ISO Relationship Managers are geared towards approving your deals – quickly.
Now you can focus on what you do best, generate more revenue, and close more deals.

Cavalli Uses The Latest Calculator


Life Update

Technology Is A Turn-key Solution That
Drives Opportunity.

Our toolset is a turn-key solution for handling all of your deals, from sign-up to performance tracking.

No deal is too big or small for us.

Funding the most challenging deals has always been our specialty; we make everything else look simple. We accept all small businesses with at least 3 months in business and any credit score. A dedicated ISO account executive is available to provide the necessary support to accommodate even credit-challenged merchants across the country.